Where is Your Line? Where are YOU?

I did this exercise with my wife where we drew a line on a piece of paper, then drew a zig-zagging line reflecting where we are spending our time and energy. Here it is:

It is a crude illustration, and there are certainly more elements of our lives that you could implement, but the story is clear. For me, most of my efforts have been spent related to the work I do, and for my wife, almost all of her time has been spent with her work, which is the raising of our three kids. I have the privilege of some self-care built into my day, and she hasn't. For us, this exercise has helped us ask two over-arching questions:

  1. Are my priorities in line with my values? 
  2. What needs to change?

I love the work I do, and I also want to be present to my kids. Even though raising kids is hard, Courtney loves our kids more deeply than anyone I know, but how can she be best supported in that role and cultivate space/structure to be her best self? 

How about you? Where is your line? What does your life look like right now? Where are you being present and giving of your energy? Does how you are being and what you are doing align with your values? If not, what needs to change? 

There is no perfect, set-it-and-forget-it balance, yet we can take one next step to live in alignment with who we want to be.