Clean the Slate

Photo by  Lukas Blazek  on  Unsplash

Photo by Lukas Blazek on Unsplash

We talk about forgiveness. We talk about reconciliation.

Have we actually cleaned the slate for ourselves and others?


I catch myself thinking that it's easy to be justified. It's easy to be bitter. Actually, it's the worst. Forgiveness is the path of least resistance. My resistance to forgiveness, my own unbelief in the ability for myself and others to start over, to be worth a clean slate... that resistance fuels more resistance. The acceptance of others in their mess, the acceptance of myself in my mess... This is the starting point. Not because I want to wear a diaper for forever, but because I am learning self-awareness from which self-mastery can grow. It's time to clean the slate.

Clean the slate for yourself. Embody love and compassion, not self-justification, and recognize that however blind you were in the actions you took, you are here. You are alive in this moment. This new moment. Who and how will you be? Old programming dies hard. Habits don't disappear overnight. Seek recovery. Cultivate nourishment of body, mind, soul, spirit. Then practice. 

Clean the slate for others. Hurt tends to run two ways. "Equal and opposite reactions" abound. Just like you, others may have been reacting out of their hurt. Save compassion for yourself so you can give it to others, then give it. Maintain an open and receptive posture, though this doesn't mean that the others have to be pursued. Let other people find their own ways out of their own stories, their own dramas, just like you have been navigating yours. Practice letting go of attachments, for attachments are the key reasons why we refuse to clean the slates of others in our minds. Forgive for you. Forgive for them. 

Clean the slate for your freedom and to honor the internal freedom of others. 

You're forgiven. 

You're free. 

Go in peace.