Same Song, Different Day or a New Song Every Day?

Photo by  Jason Rosewell  on  Unsplash

Sometimes my kids and I like to listen to the same song(s) over and over and over and over...

As much as I love variety, sometimes I want to be with one feeling. One song. One story. 

As the being who gets to play DJ to my internal soundtrack, I can fill the space with the same feeling and same associated ways of being rather than hold space for the new. 

When I replay what is known, what is gained? Not much. Recycled memories, recycled feelings, rehearsed movements... It's all a reiteration of what has already been. When I think of singing a new song within, I'm thinking about the pattern interruptions that invite us not out of authenticity, but invite us into the present moment. The same song on a different day (much like the same schedule/routine on a different day) can create an internal monotony and static ways of being. Rituals and rhythms are great, but letting my habits run me is not. 

Habits were made for the humans, not humans for the habits. Music (metaphorically or literally) was made for the people, not people for the music. When something is no longer serving me, I can hit skip and take off the "repeat one." 

I used to play two hour sets of live and mostly spontaneous music. When I'm drumming, creating, I can recognize that I don't want to consume the same material or hold the same beat indefinitely. If I'm playing the same groove for a while, I'm also constantly looking for the subtleties to add and change, for the way of shifting the groove and changing the feel. I become a creator of my internal reality and of shifting the atmosphere around me. Not a spectator of the same shit different day, no control, I have creative license with every facet and every fiber. This, for me, is part of why embodiment is such a key component of making a new song. I can easily retreat to the same parts of my mind, think the same thoughts, be the same way. But if I'm invited into the constantly new and different, present to the peace in the fluidity of the world within and the beauty of the world without, the song within me changes to fit the moment.

The soundtrack moves on. Quiet when needed. Epic when it's called for. A held, steady groove when needed. Now staccato, now legato. FORTISSIMO!! Then a fermata. This music of our lives is my favorite kind of music, improvised. There's still structure, and we get to help create it. There can be great collaboration and cooperation, we're not alone. Yet, no one gets to play our part for us. Each moment. Each day. 

Connect to the source within. Hold space for the silence of God to be the atmosphere from which your song flows and grows. Then play the hell out of the new song with everything you have. 

Same song different day or a new song everyday? I get to choose. You get to choose. 

Let's sing a new song, play a new song, create and enjoy today.