growing up and young forever

Technically, I'm a grown-up. I'm still a child at heart.

Technically, I'm a grown-up. I'm still a child at heart.

adulting isn't hard

adulting is easy - we all find ways to play pretend,

to make ourselves seem more important while being less connected

becoming disaffected, detached, withdrawn

as we succumb to numb. 

if this is adulting, I desire to be born again

to re-child, to grow up while staying forever young.

The real magic lies in remaining connected to your inner child,

effortlessly being who you are and with practice and awareness becoming who you can be.

letting go of the pretense that intuition must make "sense," or that it will always make cents.

what matters more is your innocence, the love and wonder and curiosity that is intrinsic and true

authentically you.

re-childing is truly easy, it is effortless, it is Eden, alive here and now;

it is also most difficult, uprooting and disrupting the jaded adolescence and "adulting" we've bought into, been brought into, been caught and taught into until we're fraught in two, wrought from soft clay and set in immovable stone that is cold as ice.

to re-child does not mean to be a child, to be childish. no, we reassume our childlike nature, opening our hearts and our hands, taking off our shoes and feeling the earth below our feet as we feel the energy of life all around us.

we wonder, we wander, we skip, we play, we dance, we create, we listen, we receive, we believe, we perceive and we gently leave static ways of being into the perpetual new and old way of being fully human. 

the barefoot way to be is to embody our inner child as we open ourselves to grit and growth, the barefoot way to live is in the flow of life, constantly new in the moment and available to the heart that is receptive. the barefoot way to love is with open mind and full heart, symbiotic and unconditional, gentle and strong and dynamic, alive to whatever the moment calls for. 

even in my domestic duties I will not be merely domesticated, innebriated and lulled to sleep by the "adult" world that is apparent and all around.

and so we re-child. and so we re-wild. 

even in growing up, I will be young forever. if you're inspired, go and do likewise.